Order at Bothwell

A. How to Order

Our trade price list is only made available to design professionals. To protect the interests of our trade customers, we will ask for a letterhead and company registration number identifying your company before releasing trade price.

When placing orders, we ask that you provide us with as much information as you can. For instance: your delivery date, detailed product information including leg colours, piping, nailing, fabric specification, label etc.

If you are sending us your own fabric to use, please ensure that it is labeled.


B. Payment Term

  • For all orders we ask for a 50% deposit upon with the balance prior to shipment.
  • For first orders placed by a trade customer, or orders for bespoke size or products, we ask for full payment before staring the order.
  • Should we be asked to purchase any fabric or hardware on your behalf, we ask for full payment for these before placing any orders.