Furniture Wholesale

If you are looking for a high-end furniture suppliers we have first hand experience in our very own Australian retail brand - Larkwood Furniture. No retailer is too big or too small for our dedicated team. 

Oliver Bonas | United Kingdom, retail customer

Why the best choose Bothwell as manufacturing partner?

We make the process a whole lot easier.

Every process from drafting, all the way to packing your order is handled by us, even bringing your loaded container to our nearest port. Our team will look after all export documentation needed so your shipment arrives at your destination safely on time.

Our development team LOVES a challenge.
So bring us THAT one design no other manufacturer has been able to make.

All of our clients brings their own design idea, and we make it happen


freight options

Knock down your furniture

We know every inch in your container is important, so our development team can knock down almost every design in a box, ready to assemble for your customers.

Why knock down your furniture?

The option to knock down your furniture comes down to reducing your freight costs, and increasing your revenue.

Take our Castille Armchair as an example.

Quality is our FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD priority

There is a reason why over a thousand brands trust Bothwell as their reliable furniture supplier and manufacturer. Our quality has always been improving since our opening in 1988.

EVERYTHING we make is hand-creafted, meaning, we have at least 10 quality control checks before your products are packed and loaded to the container.

Hundreds of Brands Trust Bothwell

Whether you are in Sydney, Paris, New York, London, Cape Town or even Singapore, you will find our furniture in the most prestigious and luxury retail stores.

We collaborate with each brand to create THE unique piece of furniture that your brand and customers will LOVE.

The choice is yours, whether you prefer to create your own design, or choose from the thousands of designs we offer.

We make make the proces a whole lot less stressful for you and your team.

International features.