Elevate Your Outdoor Space

All it takes is 120 minutes outside per week to significantly boost someone's well-being. Even if you don't go for a hike or visit your local park, going outside at home can provide these benefits.

One of the best ways to encourage spending more time outside is to create a backyard oasis complete with beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture. Wood makes an excellent choice for a warm and timeless look. Yet, there are some factors to consider before selecting these pieces.

Here's what you need to know about the different types of outdoor furniture and what to consider to ensure their longevity.


Factors to Consider When Shopping for Outdoor Wooden Furniture

People have been using wood to create furniture for centuries, passing down these quality pieces from generation to generation. An antique wooden table can become the centre of family dinners for three generations or more.

However, using wood furniture inside is a little different from outdoor wood furniture. Patio and deck tables and chairs are continually exposed to the elements, including harsh UV rays from the sun, strong winds, rain, humidity, and more.

You want quality wood pieces that can withstand the elements and last for years, not fast furniture that only survives a season or two.

So, what should you consider when selecting wooden furniture? Start with the location, surface, climate, and budget.


One of the most important factors is where you're placing the furniture. For instance, are you buying an outdoor lounge chair to go next to the pool that's fully exposed to the elements? Or are you looking for outdoor side tables and chairs to go in a gazebo or another partially protected spot?

Outdoor areas that are mostly enclosed protect the wood against threats such as fading from UV damage and rain. So, wood is perfect for outdoor lounge chairs and tables that are partially covered.

If you're looking for furniture that can withstand the elements, you can still choose wood. However, you'll want a harder species, such as Teak wood. Softer wood, such as pine, is best for protected or indoor furniture.

Floor Surface

Placing an outdoor side table or chair on a soft, grassy surface puts the furniture at risk of threats like mildew and rot. It's easy for moisture to soak the bottom of your furniture and ruin it.

Plus, softer surfaces aren't as level or safe. Drinks or other items might tilt or slide off the surface.

Whether you're a restaurant, bar, resort, hotel, or homeowner, it's best to place wooden furniture on a hard, dry surface. Wood, concrete, or natural stone surfaces work best. The clean, hard look of stone pavers or tiles complements the warmth of natural wood furniture very well.


Wood and water don't mix, and that's a well-known fact. However, that doesn't mean you can't have elegant wooden lounge chairs in outdoor spaces.

Humidity, moisture, and rain all affect wood, as it's hygroscopic. That means that moisture affects the strength of the wood. As a result of moisture and humidity in the air, wood will expand or shrink.

Depending on the climate and type of wood, outdoor furniture requires extra care and maintenance or additional protection. For instance, you may have to move the furniture into the shade or somewhere where the wood will stay dry.

Some species are more forgiving, such as Teak. Consider the Grades of Teak wood, A-Grade and B-Grade Teak have 


Best Grade Teak

This hardwood is native to the Far East, it is extremely strong and durable. What is most important of all, it is naturally resistant to outdoor elements including rain, UV light, rapid temperature changes, wood-eating insects, etc. Even if it is left outdoors all year round without any protection whatsoever, well-made made teak outdoor furniture remains unaffected when it comes to both beauty and durability.

But does it really? Well, it depends on which Teak grade it is made. Available in three different quality grades, which play a role in outdoor performance and durability. 

Grade A Teak is the highest quality teak wood, timber taken from the very centre of the log of a fully mature tree. This has a uniform, golden brown colour, close grains and a glossy surface that feels oily to the touch. It is naturally high in teak oil which protects the wood from the elements. 

Grade B Teak refers to timber from the outer hardwood section of a Teak log. In comparison to A grade Teak, this grade comes in a lighter colour, uneven grain and less shine. It contains only traces of Teak natural oils. 

Lastly, grade C Teak comes from the outermost sections of mature logs and logs of immature trees. Naturally comes with no teak oil, is very uneven in colour and soft which makes it susceptible to more damage. Although it is taken from a Teak tree C grade Teak has a very short lifespan and relatively inexpensive compared to every other grade. 



The price of outdoor furniture varies greatly depending on the wood used, the size of the piece, the style, the materials used, and more. Therefore, you must consider your budget when selecting furniture.

That said, quality high-end furniture lasts longer than cheap pieces. When you buy cheaper furniture, it will only last for a few years. While it might seem like a deal upfront, it won't endure.

Wooden furniture should be an investment that you can enjoy for years to come and pass down. Luxury furniture also lasts longer with proper care.

How to Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture

To extend the lifespan of your wooden outdoor furniture, place it in a protected area. At the very least, ensure it's in the shade to protect it against the sun. Covered patios and gazebos are the perfect locations for wood furniture.

Teak oil is often used to protect teak wood against the elements. It is strongly suggested that teak outdoor furniture gets a fresh coat of teak oil every 6 to 12 months.

Another tip to prolong your furniture's life is to store it when it's not in use, such as in the off-season when you're not outside as much.

Don't forget about the cushions or pillows. Although most outdoor fabrics are water-repellent, you may need to use a special spray that shields against water, fading, yellowing, and more.

Consider investing in outdoor furniture covers to prevent damage from rain and UV rays. Alternatively, bring the furniture in if the weather gets bad.

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Wooden outdoor furniture has a classic and elegant appeal that can significantly enhance any backyard or lounging area. Whether you plan on soaking up the sun or relaxing by the pool, you can enjoy the outdoors in style.

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