Preserve the Beauty of Your Wooden Furniture: Simple Maintenance Tips

People love wood furniture for so many reasons. These pieces are durable, elegant, and among the most well-built examples of craftsmanship that many have in their homes.

Wood furniture makes up a $49 billion business today. Some furniture pieces even become family heirlooms that are passed down for generations.

They have a timeless appeal that fits any home interior setup. These pieces have a place anywhere in the home and are some of the most stylish types available.

Any furniture that you have in your home should always exude class and grace. Wood furniture is timeless and can fit any room.

The timeless appeal of wood furniture can spruce up a master bedroom or make your living room a comfortable place to spend time.

Proper wooden furniture maintenance is essential if you want your furniture to retain this timeless appeal for several years. Maintaining your wood furniture keeps it clean and helps to preserve its longevity and beauty.

Here, we offer a few core ways on how to care for wood furniture.

Basic Cleaning and Dusting

Invest in an eco-friendly duster that can get rid of dust in the nooks and crannies of your furniture. Getting rid of dust helps you maintain the integrity of the wood and prevents the furniture from wearing down prematurely.

Use a firm hand and carefully remove the dust, so it isn't spreading around or flying in the air. You can also use some gentle anti-dust products, which you can apply to a rag to remove dust from your furniture.

You'll also keep your furniture dust-free by using a duster at least once a week.

If you'd like to clean your furniture more thoroughly, use a soft soap and rag. Scrub your furniture thoroughly so that you're getting rid of dirt and keeping your furniture spotless.

Using gentle products will clean your furniture without stripping it or creating any further damage.

Avoid using products made from harsh chemicals that are often included in all-purpose cleaners or bleach-based products. Also, don't use products that apply too much sheen and moisture because they can oversaturate the wood.

Protecting the Wood From Scratches and Damage

If you're going to get the most from your furniture, make sure to keep it scratch-free. Many people apply a sealing product to their wood furniture to prevent scratches. You might also consider using a tabletop protector.

Look into protective products that will also help you keep your furniture scratch-free.

You can also purchase products from your hardware store that can fix dings and scratches. These stores sell various wood fillers that can mask the scratch and make the furniture look as good as new. This might also require some finishing products that will add the final touches.

A quick and easy way to remove small dents in wood is to simply apply a slightly damp cloth on top of the dented area. Using an iron on low to medium hold the iron on top of the cloth for 3 to 10 seconds at a time, checking the dent every time. The wood will soak up the moisture and heat into the dented area and expand to its original flat surface.

Protecting Wood From Spills and Stains

When you want to manage the care of your wood furniture, stains and spills will always be a big part. Something as simple as using coasters is one of the best ways to prevent stains and spills.

Install a table topper or use tablecloths to protect the wood. If you experience a spill, clean it up with soap and warm water as quickly as possible. This prevents the stain from setting in and creating long-term or permanent damage.

Protecting Wood From Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight and heat are two factors that can damage your furniture. Heat can cause the furniture to warp, become discoloured, or fade sooner than it should. This is especially true for outdoor wood furniture. The good news is that caring for outdoor wood furniture isn’t too complicated.

Apply teak oil to your outdoor furniture to protect it from sunlight and heat. This will prevent it from breaking down due to excess moisture and humidity. Alternatively, you can invest in covers that are specifically designed for wooden furniture.

Protecting Wood From Moisture and Humidity

When your furniture is exposed to too much humidity and moisture, the wood will begin to expand before it breaks down. This can cause cracks and other damage that ruin wooden furniture.

In addition to a sealant, install humidity control equipment with your HVAC system and monitor these levels in your household. This is especially important for outdoor wood furniture care.

Get Quality Wooden Furniture

Taking care of your wooden furniture is essential no matter which way you consider it. Beautiful furniture adds to your home environment and can upgrade any room, improving your property values and giving you the best interior design.

Get all you can from your wood furniture since it's an investment in your home. These furniture pieces can hold more value over time and can even be passed down to future generations.

If you learn how to prevent stains, fix scratches, clean your wooden furniture, and take the best care of your wood, your furniture will look great and last a long time.

To give your furniture the best care, always buy products that will help with cleaning, maintenance, and protection. Keep these products around at all times, and be vigilant about caring for your furniture.

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